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Greis Jewelers, a family owned and operated full service jewelry store, opened its doors over 50 years ago.

Founder and owner, Gary Greisdorf, along with his wife, Gita, had a vision to provide customers with the highest level of personal service and beautiful, exclusive pieces to add to their jewelry collection. The Greisdorf family’s dedication to providing the finest customer service has carried on through the generations, establishing a loyal clientele and earning the proper place as one of the premier jewelers in the metro-Detroit area.


Family Owned and Operated

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The Greis Story

Jason Greisdorf spent his childhood behind the counter of parents Gary and Gitas jewelry store, Greis Jewelers in Farmington Hills. He watched his dad inspecting gems, soaking in the way he could feel what was quality - and what was not. He learned how to memorize and evaluate the color of a stone, how to fine-tune his eye for what is a strong design, whether innovative or classic. He learned how to work with artisans from around the world and to determine what is handcrafted, and what is machine-produced.

What Greisdorf is most grateful for, though, is the integrity that he learned from his father.

"We have a very devoted, longstanding clientele," Greisdorf says.

"They come here because we offer a unique, high-quality selection. But they return because they know they can trust us, and because we are committed to customer service, whether they are buying a $75 charm or a $50,000 watch." That's how my dad was..

In their native Latvia, Gita was a schoolteacher and Gary was a master horologist, or watchmaker. "He could fix anything" Greisdorf says. "He would make watches and repair clock towers, and anything that his customers brought him.? He also dabbled in jewelry, working with artifacts ranging from diamonds to antique Faberge pieces. "He was known in Latvia as a mover and a shaker, someone you could go to for everything in the business."

Immigrating to the United States, by way of a two-year stay in Israel where Gary worked for Seiko, in 1972, the family (including sister, Luba) settled in the Detroit area, where Gary had a brother.

Greisdorf's uncle helped give his dad a start, and soon Gary's business took off.

Opening his first location of Greis Jewelers at Nine Mile Road and Woodward, in Ferndale, Gary offered watch-repair services, including to other area jewelers.

From the start, Gary was dedicated to his customers and insistence on only the finest quality and workmanship, and his customers noticed - and returned again and again. Slowly, Gary and Gita (whom Greisdorf calls the "backbone of the business") began to build a following.

Soon after a series of armed robberies at various jewelry stores in the Ferndale area, when Gary, too, was burglarized several times and held up at gunpoint, the family business moved to its current location in Farmington Hills, at Fourteen Mile Road and Middlebelt, in 1976.

After days spent attending Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills, Greisdorf would spend the rest of the afternoon in the shop, "not doing my homework" he says. "I was 10 years old, and I would watch my dad in the back room, talking to jewelry designers, buying diamonds. I listened. I've since become a certified master gemologist. But I really learned under my dad's leadership."

Studying biology at Wayne State University, Greisdorf intended to go on to medical school. During spring break, his mom called him. "My dad had a triple bypass." Greisdorf says. "It was a reality check."

Finishing his degree in 1989, he went to work with his dad, "and never left" he says. "I learned the business. We traveled abroad together. Sometimes it was an uphill battle, especially when I started to have my own creative ideas - but I'm so grateful that I had that time with him. It was really special."Gary Greisdorf passed away in 2011 - but he left a legacy: Not just a family busi-ness, but a family ideology, one that Jason and Luba are committed to upholding every day.

Because of the integrity that Gary founded his life's work upon, Greisdorf is able to provide his customers - both devoted regulars and first-timers who've found the store through word of mouth - with a unique care that only a boutique shop could provide. To that end, the family will do almost anything to please a customer - from creating a custom piece and working within a wide range of budgets to simply remembering their name as they walk in the door.

Greisdorf also continues to scour the U.S. and Europe for the highest-quality gems, the best designers and craftspeople and the best workmanship he can find.

And though Greis Jewelers does offer a number of designers who might be household names, including Roberto Coin and Gabriel & Co, and watches from Omega and Corum, Greisdorf brushes the names aside. "We have popular designers and we have European designers that Americans have never heard of, he says. "We don't carry them because of the name. We carry them because they stand out above the rest at what they do."

A lesson Greisdorf learned from his dad.

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Bridal Collection

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Together with our exquisite jewelry collection, Greis Jewelers is home to a variety of luxury timepieces. From prestigious brands as Omega and Franck Muller, you can be sure your timepiece from Greis will be cherished for a life time

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In addition to the extensive assortment of jewelry and watches, we offer a full line of services including jewelry and watch repair, as well as appraisals.

Four decades later, the commitment to our vision still holds true.

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We know that jewelry has the incredible power to define extraordinary moments unlike anything else, which is why we have a vast array of diamond engagement rings for such occasions.

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Four decades later, the commitment to our vision still holds true. Here at Greis Jewelers, our impressive collection, intimate environment, and our experienced staff all contribute to the pleasure of dealing with one of Michigan’s finest jewelers.

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