Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most?

If you are looking for the brightest diamond with the most sparkle, you will need to find a diamond with a specific cut. This is because diamonds with the most facets sparkle the most. The diamond cut with the highest number of facets is a round brilliant cut but that isn’t the only cut that offers plenty of sparkles. 

What determines the sparkle in a diamond?

As we previously mentioned, the sparkle in a diamond is determined by the number of facets within it. When speaking about diamonds, a facet is a flat surface so the diamonds with the larger number of flat surfaces will give off the most sparkle. Round diamonds have 58 facets, which is why they give off the most sparkle. 

What other diamonds have a lot of sparkles?

The round brilliant-cut diamond has 58 facets, which is why it sparkles so much. But there are other diamonds that also give off plenty of sparkles! 

Princess Cut Diamond

The princess-cut diamond has around 50 facets. While it does not have as many facets as round-cut diamonds, the princess-cut shape actually enhances its sparkle. Additionally, depending on the stone itself, you might be able to find some princess-cut diamonds with 58 facets as well! 

Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher cut diamonds are very unique and this diamond can actually have 57 facets, making it very sparkly as well. 

Ashoka Cut Diamond

The Ashoka cut diamond is very rare which is why we didn’t include it as the diamond with the most sparkle. This type of cut is very unique and actually has 62 facets.

What else affects sparkle?

Sparkle is not only determined by the number of facets that are in the diamond, but light plays a huge factor. The light bouncing around in the inside of the diamond reflects off, and as a result, gives that sparkle that we all love in diamonds. That is why it is important that whatever diamond you have your eye on, gets tested under different lights. As a good rule of thumb, you will want to test your diamond under four different lights and analyze the type of sparkle it gives off. 

Remember that having a large diamond doesn’t necessarily mean that it will sparkle more. Instead, focus on the number of facets and the quality of the cut to get the most sparkle out of your diamond. Doing this will ensure that you find a diamond that will sparkle for many years to come.