What Is Diamond Brilliance?

In the realm of engagement and marriage, diamond rings are the most and by far, crucial icons. Even more, in every bride's mind is a man of their dreams to slip a sparkling engagement ring on their finger. But the mesmerizing effect in diamonds has more than the colorful flashes you observe. So, what does it mean when a jeweler or jewelry store uses the term diamond brilliance?

What Is Diamond Brilliance?

The term "brilliance" refers to extreme brightness attributed to visual perception in which the source appears to reflect light. Therefore, "diamond brilliance" is the amount of reflected light bouncing off the diamond's facet to give a bright visual perception. However, the science behind diamond brilliance is its cut. A well-cut diamond at the right angle will shine off light entering the diamond.

How Brilliance Differs From Fire And Scintillation

Diamond's brilliance is all about a blinding white sparkle that appears to be pouring out of the diamond facets.

Meanwhile, a diamond fire forms a rainbow-colored sparkle. Some will describe it as the dispersion of light into various colors of light. When the light goes through the facets towards the center of the diamond, it is bounced back through the top of a diamond. Due to the cut, light is slightly bent to give a visually colored spectrum as the light exits through the top of the stone.

The scintillation describes flashes of light or sparkles produced when the diamond is moved from a source of light or the eye of an observer. The light that enters the diamond and isn't reflected will reflect from one facet to another, forcing the light towards the center of a diamond. The light is later bounced off the facets, and the quality of light is described as scintillation.

How Do You Select The Ideal Diamond Brilliance?

The cut is what unleashes the beauty, brilliance and scintillation of a diamond. But when selecting the ideal diamond brilliance, a personal preference will play a part. Diamonds with fewer facets are known to have less brilliance because they possess fewer angles for the diamonds to reflect. Instead, fewer facets increase the fire and more on diamond's clarity.

Meanwhile, diamonds with more facets on the top surface tend to have greater brilliance.

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