What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

If you're shopping for a diamond for you or your partner, many options may be available for you. The choices may be overwhelming, but you can choose an Asscher Cut diamond because of its unique features.

An Asscher Cut is an octagonal diamond featuring a high crown and deep pavilion, which form its signature appeal. The brilliance of this diamond lies in its layered facets, which combine with its square facets to create a spectacular stone.

Features Of Asscher Diamonds

Here are some unique features of an Asscher Cut diamond:

Straight-edged facets

An Asscher diamond comprises 58 facets in an arrangement that gives it a unique vintage appearance. That's the reason it's also known as the square emerald with a brilliance creating the hall of mirrors look.

Octagonal shape with angled corners

An Asscher diamond's shape is square but with angled corners that create its overall octagonal shape. The result is a cross between a perfect square and a round cut.

The History Of Asscher Cut Diamonds

This unique diamond is the brainchild of the Asscher Brothers of Holland, who produced it in 1902. But it gained popularity 100 years later after a small change to its cut technique and its 100th anniversary. The first Asscher Cut featured 58 facets but was never patented. It lives on with the square-emerald tag, and has become a world-renowned household name.

Why Should You Choose An Asscher Cut Diamond?

Many people choose the Asscher Cut for its clean, elegant look. Its long rectangular facets allow lots of light into the diamond which give off large flashes of light, creating a unique brilliance. You may also love this diamond because of its vintage appeal. It possesses a strong allure that harks back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s.

How To Select An Asscher Cut Diamond

It may be quite challenging to select the best Asscher Cut diamond, especially if you're new to the game. Consider your budget, and ask for expert recommendations for clarity, color and cut quality. Look at each diamond closely for perfection, quality and workmanship before committing to the purchase. Contact us today if you need more help with Asscher Cut diamonds.