What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

Clarity is one of the 4Cs of diamonds. It is a measure of the diamond's rarity and purity. If a diamond has internal flaws (inclusions) or external flaws (blemishes), then it will not have a perfect score in the GIA clarity scale. That said, every diamond is unique, and its value can still be improved with the help of technology through a process called clarity enhancement.

What is Clarity Enhancement?

Clarity enhancement is a method through which diamonds which have visible imperfections are treated to hide the imperfections from the naked eye. Clarity enhanced diamonds are still natural diamonds, only that the stone had some imperfections which are now no longer visible to the naked eye.

How is Clarity Enhancement Done?

There are two methods of clarity enhancement: fracture filling and laser drilling.

During fracture filling

A transparent resin is injected into the diamond, where it flows, filling the fractures and hiding both internal and external flaws and feathers. Jewelers prefer using this method instead of polishing feathers, which could lead to loss of carat weight.

Laser drilling

On the other hand, it helps remove inclusions such as dark-colored crystals, which were reducing the diamond's clarity. A laser beam is used to drill into the inclusion, after which some acidic chemicals are used to dissolve and bleach the inclusion. The laser beam drills an extremely tiny hole which isn't visible to the human eye. The jeweler or gemologist may choose to leave the space as is, since the inclusion is no longer visible, or they can use fracture filling to improve the diamond's clarity even more.

Should You Buy Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

If you are shopping on a budget, you may consider buying a clarity enhanced diamond. They are cheaper than mined diamonds, which carry the same specifications. But there is a catch.

While shopping, choose a reputable jeweler who will be straight with you. Fracture filling is not permanent. Such diamonds may need repairs from time to time, hence the need to choose a retailer who offers repairs. Also, laser drilling may compromise the stone's integrity, bringing about the question of durability. Again, for this reason, choose a reputable jeweler in case repairs are needed along the way.

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