What Is A Baguette Diamond?

Baguette diamonds are small, rectangular diamonds that are elongated and have either straight or tapering sides that incline inwards. They tend to be long and thin, with a typical ratio of 5:1, though others may be nearly square. Since they are generally tiny, they make excellent accent stones for wedding and engagement rings or full eternity rings.

Characteristics of Baguette Diamonds

  • Baguette diamonds are part of the step-cut diamond family. Asscher cut and emerald cut diamonds are members of this family as well. 
  • They have straight, distinct, and flawlessly square edges.
  • In contrast to standard diamond cuts, which often have more than 50 facets, baguette diamonds only have 14.
  •  They appear far less brilliant than round-cut diamonds as a result.

Where Did The Name "Baguette" Come From?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word "baguette" is a French bread with a rectangular form. Contrary to popular belief, baguette diamonds are not named after popular bread. In reality, both names come from the French word "baguette," which means "stick."

History of Baguette Diamonds

Between 1920 and 1930, the Art Déco and Art Nouveau eras gave birth to the baguette diamond. After the Art Déco era, as tastes shifted away from the more conventionally cut diamonds, they gradually increased in popularity. From bracelets to rings and pendants, jewelers began using baguettes as the focal point of their creations.

The classic baguette cut is still widely available in jewelry shops today, primarily used to complement bigger diamonds. Although it's easier to find tiny baguettes to utilize as accents, long ones may make for attractive centerpieces when done properly.

How to Choose a Perfect Baguette Diamond


They should be the same color as the centerpiece stone. To avoid noticing the difference, try to select baguettes with a higher color grade since brilliant cuts would appear whiter than a baguette. However, they shouldn't be so bright as to obscure the focal point.


Due to their shallow cut, Baguette diamonds don't have the same brilliance and sparkle as other cuts. Therefore, especially if you plan to use them as a centerpiece, you should ensure that they are of good quality and clear as possible. They don't have to be perfect, but they should at least look tidy.


The 4C grading system is used to grade baguette-cut diamonds. Compared to other diamond cuts, baguettes are the least expensive; nonetheless, the higher the grade, the more costly they will be.


Because they chip more easily than other diamond shapes, the type of setting you choose can make all the difference. Their setting needs to hold them securely and can provide some protection against damage.

The Ideal Setting for Baguette Diamond

Solitaire or solitaire pavé is the ideal setting for a baguette-cut diamond. The diamond can be placed in this setting either east-west for a more contemporary appearance or north-south for a more traditional appearance.

Are Baguette Diamonds Costly?

Although fewer cuts are required, baguette diamonds are typically less expensive than other diamond cuts. In comparison to, say, a round brilliant or emerald cut, they will probably be less expensive per carat.

 They are graded using the 4 C's, much like regular diamonds, and their price will change depending on how they are graded.

Pros and Cons of Baguette Diamonds


  • Baguettes offer a stunning modern minimalist look when utilized as the centerpiece.
  • They can make wonderful accent pieces.
  • They are less costly.


  • Compared to other step cuts, baguette diamonds have fewer facets, which reduces their intrinsic brilliance.
  • Due to their shape, baguettes are also more vulnerable to dulling and chipping.
  • Baguettes offer a stunning modern minimalist look when utilized as the centerpiece, yet they can make wonderful accent pieces.

How to Clean Your Baguette Diamond

Care for baguette diamonds is the same as for other diamonds. Use jewelry cleanser or soap with warm water to keep them clean, and select a high-quality setting that preserves their corners.

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