What Hand Does An Engagement Ring Go On?

Receiving an engagement ring stands out as an exciting moment in life. After all, someone cares about you to the point where he or she wants to be with you. However, not everyone knows which fingers or hands they should put their engagement rings on. If you want to better understand what hand your engagement ring should go on, you should review these points.

The Traditional American Position

In the United States, people will traditionally wear those rings on their left hands and ring fingers. The ring finger is the second farthest one from your thumb. People wear engagement rings on their left hand because their hearts are on the left sides of their bodies. Since hearts traditionally symbolize love, the left hand shows your love and connection to your significant other.

Varies By Area

You should note that engagement ring traditions will vary depending on the country you live in. For example, countries like Russia, Germany, India, and Norway have people will wear them on their right hands instead. If you live in the United States, most people wear engagement rings on their left hands, but you should keep traditions in mind.

Why It Matters

No matter where you live, you should consider the local traditions for engagement rings. Doing so will help you communicate with others and avoid awkward situations. For example, if you wear the engagement ring on the correct hand and finger, some people will look at your hand before asking you on a date. This way, they won't end up asking someone married or engaged, which can be awkward for both sides.


You should keep engagement ring traditions in mind. However, you don't need to follow those traditions if you don't feel like it. You should keep yourself educated when it comes to engagement rings.