What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

Diamonds are usually sold by weight, not size. Most of the similar carat-size diamonds are of the same size. However, the cut of a diamond may make it look larger than others, even if the weight of the two is the same. Here is information about which cut looks bigger.

Round Diamonds Appear to Be the Largest

Round diamonds look the largest compared to any other shape. The reason is that the round cut is not deep. Therefore, much of the weight is distributed evenly in its appearance. If you wish to have a large diamond without investing in a bigger carat gem, go for a round cut.

Other Options For Getting A Bigger Looking Diamond

If you do not wish to buy a round-cut diamond, here are other options you may choose to have a gem that looks larger.

Elongated Diamond Cuts are Larger

Stones with an almost round cut look larger than other shapes. One such shape is an elongated ovular shape. Their shape takes lots of real estate on the finger. Oblong and emerald shapes also look larger than the traditional cuts.

Diamonds with Slender and Fewer Prongs Look Larger

You can also make the stone look larger by maximizing the appearance of the center. This is done by getting a set with more discreet prongs. The stone's surface area is more visible when the stone has several prongs.

Diamonds are cut into four to six prongs. When picking a larger stone, pick the one with four prongs. There will be less distraction to the eye when looking at the center.

Go for Colored Stones

Colored gems look bigger than their clear counterparts. While most people go for clear ones, various hues, such as pink, green, yellow, and blue, look great. You can also go for a larger diamond with lower clarity and color. In most cases, it will be cheaper than a smaller diamond with greater color and clarity.

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