Is It Bad Luck To See The Engagement Ring Before The Proposal?

So many superstitions surround engagements and weddings that it shouldn't be surprising to hear that some people think seeing an engagement ring before a proposal is bad luck. But luckily, that bad luck really isn't bad luck. The intended recipient of the ring can see the ring before the proposal, and any hint of bad luck is really a perception, rather than a fact.

Is Seeing The Engagement Ring Bad Luck?

If you're planning to ask your girlfriend to marry you, and she sees the ring before the proposal, the chances of something bad happening afterward are no greater than they would be if she hadn't seen the ring. It just seems like the bad event is linked to her seeing the ring because you're more aware of events surrounding the proposal; in other words, it's the timing that makes the two look related.

No one really knows how the idea of seeing the ring early became linked to bad luck. Maybe someone wanted to stop an eager girlfriend from peeking inside a box, or someone just didn't want their surprise proposal ruined. But there's no actual link between less-than-desirable luck and seeing a ring before a proposal.

Why It Might Be Bad To Not See The Engagement Ring Before The Proposal

If the recipient saw the ring before a proposal you were trying to keep secret, there's actually an advantage to that; the proposal won't be so much of a shock. The recipient has time to calm down and plan out what she'll say. The proposal can go much better overall in this case, with less staring and stuttering and a lot more grace.

If she saw the ring because you purposefully told her ahead of time that you wanted to propose, but you wanted her to pick out a ring she liked so that you could use it in the "official" proposal, that's not bad luck at all – it's terrific and shows you care about what she wants in an engagement ring. Your engagement and marriage would be off to a wonderful start!