Is Alexandrite Expensive?

Yes, high-quality, natural alexandrite can be incredibly expensive compared to other gems. It is, arguably, the most expensive gemstone on the planet. And the finest examples can sell for more than $40,000 a carat.

That high price is partly because the gemstone is quite rare, perhaps hundreds of times rarer than a high-quality diamond. But mostly, alexandrite is expensive because it displays a unique visual phenomenon. Alexandrite changes color!

Whether you're looking for a priceless alexandrite to call your own or would be happy with an alexandrite alternative, the Greis Jewelers team is here to help you find the best jewels at honest prices.

About Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a rare chrysoberyl. Depending on the light, the best examples change from a vivid blue-green to a "grapey" purple. Without getting too technical, know the gemstone itself doesn't change at all. It just absorbs different types of light in different ways. The stone stays the same. The color-change effect is happening in your brain.

Alexandrite is also:

  • Harder than a garnet, but softer than sapphire, with a hardness of 8.5 on Moh's scale
  • Graded based on a percentage of color change, a higher percentage of changing color is a more expensive stone
While this rare gemstone rivals diamonds in prestige, it's not as durable as a diamond. So it's not your best choice for an engagement ring that you will wear every day for decades. For that, you want a diamond. After all, you wouldn't want to scratch your $40,000 alexandrite while doing the dishes! But it's an excellent choice for pendants, earrings or elite special occasion pieces.

Where is Alexandrite Mined?

Alexandrite was first found in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1800s and named after Czar Alexander. It only occurs in small deposits. In more recent decades, we've found it in other nations like Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and even the US. Synthetic alexandrite is now available, too. It's much more affordable than the natural stones and is grown by chemists in a lab.

Where Can You Buy Quality Alexandrite?

At Greis Jewelers, we find outstanding alexandrite gems for the most discerning buyers. Contact us today to hear about our inventory, or schedule an appointment to see what we have in the vault.