How To Tell If Aquamarine Is Real

At Greis Jewelers, a family-owned haven of exclusive and authentic gemstones, we understand the allure of the exquisite Aquamarine. With its captivating ocean-blue hues, Aquamarine holds a place of honor in the hearts of gem enthusiasts and collectors. Our devotion to customer service, coupled with a legacy driven by the Greisdorf family's passion and expertise, propels us to guide our valued clientele in recognizing the authentic beauty of true Aquamarine. With a market regrettably flushed with counterfeits, let us illuminate the path to discerning the genuine from the faux.

Physical Properties of Genuine Aquamarine

In the luminous world of gemstones, Aquamarine’s ethereal blue is an ode to elegance and rarity.

  • Color Variations: Expect a symphony ranging from light blue to deep ocean blue, often kissed by subtle green undertones.
  • Hardness and Durability: A genuine Aquamarine sings a tale of resilience, scoring a solid 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Clarity and Luster: Authentic Aquamarine bathes in a garden of clarity and possesses a vitreous luster that narrates its tale of purity and luxury.

Common Techniques Used to Forge Aquamarine

Fake gemstones, wearing the mask of Aquamarine, lurk within the shadows. They are clothed in deception, often masquerading as the real treasure.

  • Imitations such as glass and plastic prey upon the uninformed.
  • Coating or dyeing weaker crystals is an unfortunate guise to mislead.
  • Synthetic spinels, audaciously stand as counterfeit contenders.

Simple Tests to Check the Authenticity

Empower your discernment with tests that unveil the truth.

  • The Scratch Test: Explore its resistance, a testimony of authenticity.
  • The Fog Test: Witness the marvel of its temperature endurance.
  • Specific Gravity Test: Unveil the essence of its genuine core.
  • Temperature Resistance Test: Testify the stone's endurance and elegance under fluctuating temperatures.

Professional Assessment

  • Trust in the refined eyes of professional gemologists. At Greis Jewelers, our expert evaluations, blessed with certifications, stand as guardians of authenticity.

  • Cherish the assurance brought forth by credible certifications, a mirror of true value and authenticity.

Purchase from Reputed Sellers

Navigating through the seas of sellers, anchor your trust in the harbors of reputation and integrity.

Price as an Indicator

In the realms of luxury, the price often whispers truths about authenticity. An Aquamarine, crowned with a price too humble, cloaks possible doubts and inquiries.

Utilize Technological Aids

Embrace the arms of technology, wielding it as a sword against counterfeits.

Delight in the wisdom offered by technological marvels, from mobile apps to online platforms, where communities of experts and enthusiasts converge for the love of genuine gemstones.


Greis Jewelers, carrying forth the Greisdorf family’s legacy of passion and authenticity, invites you on a journey toward acquiring genuine Aquamarine. Allow our expertise and dedication to be your compass in navigating through the realms of true gemstone elegance.

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