How To Tell If An Opal Is Real

If you are looking for the perfect opal for your jewelry, you need to know how to recognize a fake. Opal is an organic gemstone made of amorphous silicon dioxide and belongs to the quartz family. The Opals come in various colors ranging from bright reds, oranges, greens, blues and pinks.

Check the Symmetry

The opal may not attain perfect symmetry even after cutting and polishing if the opal is a natural stone. On the other hand, if the opal is perfectly symmetrical, you might consider having a certified jeweler inspect it because it might indicate that it is a lab-made opal.

Observe The Opal Under A Strong White Light

This is one of the most commonly used methods to determine the genuineness of an opal. If you are using this method, consider avoiding fluorescent light, as it may make the opal appear with more facets than it has and give an impression of many colors. If an opal has multiple layers, it indicates that it is a real stone. If the opal has only one color appearing immediately below its surface, it is a sign that it is fake.

Observe The Refraction

If you want to determine whether the opal is real, observing the natural refraction of light in opal is a highly recommended method. If a cut opal has all its facets in respective orbits perfectly known as a natural stone, then it is a genuine one. On the other hand, if a cut opal has lots of small or large holes and little light gets to them, it might be fake.

Taxonomy of Opals

Finding its original habitat makes all the difference. To find out which opal is from Australia, South Africa, or Central America takes a trained eye. So if you're buying an opal with cutting around it, be sure to ask questions about where is its country of origin. Most original opals are from Australia.


Opals are very beautiful and precious gems. Currently, many opals have been cut and polished to perfection and are widely used in jewelry. But the question is: Are all opals real or fake? The answer is not complicated; you must consider e above mentioned four main points. Additionally, when purchasing an opal, you should get it from a legit buyer. For professional services, get in touch with us today at Greis Jewelers.