How to Clean Garnet Jewelry

Garnet is an exemplary beautiful stone that requires maximum care. The January birthstone comes in various colors, such as red, orange, purple, and green. A lot of myths have been associated with the gemstone. It is believed to be a healing and victorious stone.

When worn daily, garnet jewelry accumulates dirt, dust, and grime just like any other jewelry. There are recommended products used to clean garnet jewelry; however, one has to be careful when cleaning at home to avoid damaging the stone.

How To Properly Clean Garnet Jewelry

  1. Start by polishing the stone to remove fingerprints and spots and restore its shine. Using a clean, dry cloth, use a firm rubbing motion from top to bottom. It will also remove dirt, dust, and grime.
  2. Use the recommended cleaning product or mild soap mixed with water and stir gently. The solution should be at room temperature, not too hot or cold.
  3. Use a soft brush to clean the setting of the garnet. You can extend the brush on the clasp gently. The brush's bristles are moistened first to make them soft before the cleaning process. When cleaning a decorative setting, try as much as possible not to scrub the part with the garnet.
  4. Use a toothpick to pick up the residue from the surface of the jewel.
  5. Remove all the soap and water by using a damp cloth. You can use running water on the garnet jewel for a clean rinse.
  6. When drying, use a clean, dry cloth to prevent streaking and spotting. An alternative and more effective drying method is to dry air. Make sure that the jewelry is well-dried before storing it.
  7. Store garnet wrapped in a clean, soft cloth and keep the jewelry separate from other rough stones to prevent scratches.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Garnet Jewelry

  • Too hot or too cold water
  • Ultrasonic cleaning devices
  • Harsh cleaning solutions
  • Steam cleaning
  • Brushes with hard bristles
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