How To Care For Opals

At Greis Jewelers, we have had the unique privilege of offering our esteemed clients an assortment of magnificent opals, a gemstone celebrated for its dazzling play of colors. As a family-owned and operated business, the Greisdorf family takes immense pride in providing high-quality products and guidance in caring for these precious treasures. This blog enlightens you on how to care for opals with the sophistication and elegance that mirrors the very essence of these stones.

Understanding Opals

Formation and Structure

Opals are more than just beautiful gemstones; they are a marvel of nature, formed through a delicate process involving mineral solutions and sedimentary deposits. Their intricate structure demands special care, reflecting the luxury and exclusivity of our unique pieces at Greis Jewelers.

Types of Opals

Black Opals: Mysterious and enchanting

White Opals: Subtle and refined

Boulder Opals: Robust and vivid

Fire Opals: Radiant and lively

Each type embodies a distinct elegance and requires specialized attention, much like the personalized services offered by our dedicated staff.

Caring for Opals


  • Techniques: Utilize a soft cloth dampened with water.
  • Avoid Harsh chemicals and abrasives that can dull the opal's brilliance.
  • Frequency: Clean as needed, keeping the opal's allure intact.
  • Storage
  • Temperature Control: Store away from extremes, similar to our secure environment at Greis Jewelers.
  • Containers: Select a soft-lined jewelry box for protection.


Guidance for handling opals:

  • Wear with care
  • Remove while engaged in strenuous activities
  • Seek professional cleaning from experts, like our skilled Greisdorf family staff, when necessary

Repair and Restoration

Greis Jewelers offers exclusive repair and restoration services, ensuring your opal maintains its elegance. Trust our experts for:

  • Professional repair
  • Minor at-home restoration tips
  • Evaluation for professional restoration

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid the following to ensure the longevity of your precious opals:

  • Exposure to drastic temperature changes
  • Use of inappropriate cleaning materials
  • Improper storage


Opals, with their unique elegance, deserve the care and attention that only true connoisseurs can provide. At Greis Jewelers, the Greisdorf family extends our expertise in not just offering exclusive opals but guiding you in preserving their timeless beauty. Explore our website for more unique pieces or contact us to make an appointment.

Embrace the elegance of opals with the knowledge and sophistication that Greis Jewelers is renowned for. Our family's dedication to quality and service ensures you experience nothing but the best.