Can You Wear Your Diamond Ring in the Shower?

Your ring is more than a piece of jewelry. It holds a special place in your heart. It reminds you of the love you and your partner share. You don't ever want to take it off, but you also want to keep it safe. Unfortunately, to keep your ring safe, sometimes you actually have to take it off. It is highly recommended that you take off your ring before taking a shower to keep it looking as beautiful as it did on the day you first saw it.

Why You Should Not Wear Your Ring in the Shower

Even though a shower is essential for cleansing your body, it is actually dangerous for your diamond ring. Soaps contain ingredients that clean your skin through micro-exfoliation. Soaps and shampoos strip your skin or hair of dirt and other pollutants. Although this is safe and important for your body, this actually takes a toll on the metal and diamond of your ring over time. These products also often contain moisturizing ingredients that are great for replenishing your skin or hair's hydration, but this causes oily build-up around your ring. Scented products or exfoliating cleansers are particularly dangerous for your ring. Diamonds are known as incredibly strong stones, but strength is not able to stop oily build-up or damage from cleansers over time.

Another risk of wearing your ring in the shower is a cloudy diamond. Over time, the cleansing soaps cause oils to build up under and even in the diamond, making your diamond look cloudy and dull. Even soaps with natural ingredients can cause harm over time. The only way to truly avoid this risk is to take your ring off before you shower.

How to Protect Your Ring

Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take to protect your ring from harm.

Find a Spot to Store Your Ring

The reason that many women are nervous to take their engagement ring off is the fear of losing it. To help avoid losing your ring, choose a designated place to store your ring during your showers. Whether it is on a tray, cushion, or in a container, your ring will be safe and right where you left it after getting out of the shower.

Know the Other Times You Should Take Your Ring Off

You should also remove your ring while doing these activities:

  • Applying lotion or body oil
  • Applying hand sanitizer
  • Weightlifting (to reduce risk of injury to you or your ring)
  • Going to the beach or pool

Schedule Jewelry Inspections

It is recommended that you have your ring inspected every six months. At a free jewelry inspection, your jeweler will clean your ring, look for wear or damage, and inspect it to ensure the prongs are still tight.

By taking these precautions, your diamond ring can stand the test of time.