Can You Add Diamonds To A Wedding Band?

Adding diamonds to a wedding band can magically transform it from a plain piece of jewelry to a dazzling ring. Some couples buy their wedding bands with this concept in mind, adding diamonds and precious stones as a celebration of their anniversary. Others choose to modify their wedding bands after a divorce. Either way, there are many ways that you can use diamonds to change your wedding band.

Ways of Adding Diamonds to a Wedding Ring

Depending on the size and design of your wedding band, you can add one or a flush set of diamonds and precious stones to it. You can do this by:-

Adding Diamonds to a Solitaire Ring

Adding diamonds to a solitaire wedding band is a glamorous way of transforming a simple bland ring into a sparkling piece of jewelry with multiple sparkling stones. To give your ring a seamless look, you can have a wrap designed for the solitaire ring. This will be wrapped around the side of the center jewel and the new diamonds can be attached to each side of the gemstone.

Putting a Larger Diamond on Your Wedding Band

You can also opt to exchange the center stone for a larger diamond of a different cut and shape. This can be done by changing the setting and prongs so that they can securely hold the new larger stone. Alternatively, you can add a raised bezel to increase room for the new, larger center stone.

Integrating Birthstones to Your Wedding Ring

Besides diamonds, you can change your wedding ring into a fun statement piece by adding birthstones to it. This can add some color and sentimental value to your jewelry.

Cost of Adding Diamonds to a Wedding Band

Adding diamonds to your wedding band will cost much less than buying a new ring altogether. The main charges will go towards the diamonds and labor. You can do your research on the perfect diamond shape and consider a GIA accredited jeweler from Greis Jewelers to make the alterations you need.