Can Engagement Rings Be Resized?

It's essential to have the right ring size as a loose ring is easy to lose while a tight ring is uncomfortable and hard to remove. Luckily, you have the option to resize your engagement ring if the size doesn't fit correctly.

Must You Resize Your Ring?

Before making the rush decision to resize your ring, find out the ring's root cause of becoming too loose or too tight. The finger size can temporarily change due to weight loss or a change in weather conditions.

You also need to consider the circumstances in which you first fitted the ring. For instance, if you were pregnant during fitting, the ring is likely to fit snuggly. If you are sensitive to weather fluctuations, a temporary ring adjuster is the best solution.

The Resizing Process

Once you make up your mind to resize your engagement ring, look for a reputable jeweler you can trust. If you can't reach the original jeweler, ask for referrals from friends and family. Make sure you request the jeweler's past work and read their online reviews before trusting them with your engagement ring.

The type of resizing depends on the urgency, whether you want to make it smaller or to enlarge your ring. If you're in a hurry to have your engagement ring on your finger, the jeweler fits it with a sizing assistant to help keep it in place.

If you want the ring made smaller, the jeweler cuts a piece of the band and uses it to create a circle. They solder the circle into the ring before cleaning and polishing it. It's hard to notice any signs of resizing if the cleaning and polishing are done the right way.

Making the ring larger is more complicated than making it smaller. The process requires stretching the metal up to a half size larger. If you want the ring to be larger than that, the jeweler cuts a band and adds an extra metal piece. They then solder, clean, and polish the ring, eliminating any signs of resizing.

Can My Engagement Ring Be Resized?

For an engagement ring to be resized, it should be made of a material that's easy to work with and have enough room for the resizing work. The design of the ring also largely determines whether the ring can be resized or not. A ring with stones set all around the band is impossible to resize since tampering with it means damaging the stones.

Your engagement ring can't be resized if it's made of the following metals:

  • Tungsten as it's too hard to work with
  • Titanium, as some jewelers find it hard to work with
  • Rose gold since it cracks easily

How Much Does Ring Resizing Cost

Many factors determine the cost of ring resizing, including:

  • The ring material
  • How complicated the resizing process will be, and
  • How much time the process will take
Based on these factors, the process can cost anything between $20 to a few hundred dollars.

Final Thoughts

If your ring doesn't fit, wrap it with a clean fabric, put it safely in a pouch, and take it to a professional jeweler for examination. It's advisable to avoid resizing your ring too many times as this stretches the metal, making it weak and eventually damaging it permanently. For more information about engagement rings, feel free to contact us.