Are Opal Engagement Rings Bad Luck?

The savvy modern bride knows that her engagement ring can and should be as unique as she is, which is why many are opting for alternatives to the traditional diamond ring. Different gemstones have historically been given symbolic meaning, so choosing the right stone is important. This leaves some brides wondering, "Are opals unlucky?"

The Evil Eye

Have you ever heard that it's bad luck to wear opals unless you were born in October? Did you know it's been called "the evil eye?" There are several superstitions surrounding the opal, and they've been around for a while. The beautiful multi-colored gemstone known as Opal has had a mixed history, having been attributed with bad luck and evil as early as medieval times. People used to believe black opals were used by witches and sorcerers to increase their magical powers, and that opal acted like an invisibility charm for burglars and thieves.

As a gemstone, the opal has fallen in and out of fashion, often finding itself associated with unhappy maladies like famine, pestilence, and even plague. One story that especially tarnished the opal's popularity in the late 19th century involved an opal ring gifted to King Alfonso XII of Spain that allegedly killed every royal family member who wore it. Stories of scandalous curses like this seem to have left the opal with a dubious reputation to this day.

The Stone of Hope

Before you let these superstitions scare you off from wearing this gorgeous gemstone, remember that opals have also been credited with positive qualities. Early Europeans upheld the opal as a symbol of hope and purity, believing the magical luster of the stone could cure bad eyesight and protect children from wild animals. Folklore claims that opals hold the power of prophecy, and it has long been believed that, like the colorful rainbow it mirrors, opal will bring its wearer good fortune.

Saying "I Do" With Opal

Regardless of its reputation, the opal still is a show-stopping choice as a centerpiece for any engagement ring. When a bride sets her heart on this fiery gemstone, she should confidently embrace its history as a magical good luck charm. Contact Greis Jewelers for more information about opals and other great engagement stones.