Are Diamonds A Good Investment?

Investing is all about putting money into assets that have the potential to generate a return. For centuries, people have looked to various assets such as real estate, gold, stocks, and now, even cryptocurrencies. One asset class that has withstood the test of time is diamonds.

In this article, we'll explore the value of diamonds as an investment, their historical performance, benefits, risks, and strategies for investing in them.

Understanding the Value of Diamonds as an Investment

Diamonds are unique assets that offer both intrinsic and extrinsic value. The intrinsic value comes from their rarity and beauty, while the extrinsic value comes from their usefulness in various industries such as jewelry and technology. Compared to other assets, diamonds have a low correlation to other investment types such as: Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate.

Thus, this makes them a more attractive addition to any portfolio.

Historical Performance of Diamonds as an Investment

Historically, diamonds have shown long-term appreciation. Data shows that diamond prices have increased by about 3% to 5% annually over the past century. Additionally, diamonds have surpassed other assets such as gold and inflation, making them an excellent barrier against currency devaluation and inflation.

Benefits of Investing in Diamonds

  • Investing in diamonds offers several benefits as they are tangible assets that can be appreciated for their aesthetic appeal. 
  • Their value is less influenced by global political or economic events. 
  • Furthermore, diamond prices have a low correlation to other asset classes, which means that investing in diamonds can help in diversifying your portfolio.

Risks and Drawbacks of Investing in Diamonds

Along with its benefits, investing in diamonds also have its risks and drawbacks. 

  • One of the main risks is the lack of liquidity in the diamond market, making it difficult to sell them when needed. 
  • Additionally, diamonds are not easy to value, and their worth can vary based on various factors such as cut, clarity, and color. 
  • Finally, their dependence on the global diamond market can affect supply and demand, in turn affecting diamond prices.


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